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The Internal Family Systems (IFS) method can be learnt by anyone, is easily incorporated into professional and daily life, and can be combined effectively with a wide variety of therapeutic methods. IFS can be used by counsellors, psychotherapists, medical practitioners, dance and art therapists, and business and academic professionals. It is ideal for anyone seeking personal and spiritual growth among a community of like-minded professionals. The method is practised by thousands of therapists and other professionals throughout the USA and internationally.

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IFS is a simple yet sophisticated fusion of psychology, spirituality, intra-psychic and family systems theory; its unique methods create the safety for clients to experience self-transformational healing.

Hear more, direct from Dr. Richard Schwartz, PhD, founder of the Internal Family Systems method:

Courses and workshops with IFS Training UK

IFS Training UK offer three progressive levels of training, as well as introductory workshops:

  • The introductory day workshops give you the perfect opportunity to explore IFS for yourself before committing to a longer training course. Find out more...
  • The Level 1 and Level 2 training courses introduce you to and subsequently deepen your knowledge and experience of the concepts of IFS and teach you how to apply IFS techniques for different clinical populations. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to understand and actively use IFS with individuals, couples, children, families and groups. Find out more...
  • Level 3 training courses are led exclusively by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, creator of the IFS method, and Toni Herbine-Blank. In these courses, Level 2 graduates work intensively with fellow advanced practitioners to further develop their knowledge of IFS and hone their skills with its techniques. Find out more...

There is a large experiential aspect to the training, as well as good theoretical grounding. Participants practise with each other, with close supervision from training assistants, becoming attuned to their own self and parts in the process. This self-development element of the training allows participants to readily access the qualities of self that are essential both for themselves and for the therapeutic process.

IFS Training UK course feedback

About the Introductory workshops…

“I’ve gained a great overview of IFS … and a true experience of how this feels through the practice.”

“A really interesting and useful workshop.”

“...sparked my curiosity to know more.”

About Level 1 and Level 2 training courses…

“Tremendous in every dimension. So powerful, so gentle, so healing. A profound life experience… phenomenal.”

“I loved it all – the teaching, mediation, practising, reflection, the spaciousness and Cece always checking that we have understood and appreciated all points.”

“Olivia and Nicola have done an amazing job communicating with us and meeting administration needs in a warm and friendly way. Their attention to every detail and thoughtful approach is to be admired; nothing is too much trouble for them.”

“…truly, truly MAGNIFICENT and universe changing/healing.”

“Each practice group has an assistant trained to at least L1 of the model. This made me feel safe and enabled me to take the work to a much deeper level. Sue and Liz and Krissy, all skilled individuals, were articulate, focussed, engaging, holding and available throughout the 15 days.”

“Paul is a warm, skilled and natural teacher; he holds the group with grace and humility.”

About training with Richard Schwartz…

“Dick speaks clearly and authoritatively but with authenticity and humility. He feels ‘real.’ This makes it easier to receive what he’s teaching. His willingness to answer questions and fully deal with the group’s enquiries was also really appreciated.”

“Leadership – effortless presence and clarity.

Availability – constant and non-hierarchical.

Teaching style – fluid, responsive, by example, wise.”

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IFS is taking the USA by storm (see www.selfleadership.org) and IFS Training UK are at the forefront of promoting this innovative and highly effective model in the UK. Be among the first to become qualified to practise IFS in the UK – at exactly the right time to take advantage of its growth in popularity.

Find out more about the levels of training available, book your training course, or contact us with your questions. We look forward to talking to you.