Level 1 training – Mastering the skills of IFS

A Level 1 training course is the first part of your path to becoming an IFS practitioner. The Level 1 course gives you a comprehensive understanding of IFS concepts and teaches you how to apply IFS techniques for various clinical populations. The course also gives you the chance to explore your own inner world – within a safe, nurturing environment. A select group of IFS trainers teaches Level 1, using a format that includes lectures, experiential exercises, video review, large and small group discussions, small group supervision and practice sessions.

Level 1 courses consist of three separate 5-day sessions – a total of 108 hours of training. Note that you need to attend all 15 training day.

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Feedback from course participants

About the Level 1 course

“I have been on many trainings in the last 20 years and this was one of the very best.”

Great variety of teaching styles ... gentle but clear leadership. Loved [the tutor’s] attention to detail. Humble, skilful and generous, very appreciative of student participation ... your confidence and deep trust in people was healing to be around.”

“...effective group interactions and great opportunities for connected and safe learning to take place.”

“Very clear and informed, good mix of demos, exercises, teaching etc. Generous with time and spirit, the PAs were great; the dynamic between team members was inspiring and motivating.”

“Olivia and Nicola did a wonderful job of organising this training. I appreciated the care and clarity in which our needs were met at every stage. Wonderful, thank you.”

About our trainers and programme assistants

Richard Schwartz – “Great, so clear, engaging”

Paul Ginter – “Gentle, safe, holding of the group”

Olivia Lester – “Honest, engaging, honouring”

Sue Smith – “Open, joyous, heartfelt, humble, gentle and honouring”

Krissy Tingle – “Loving, kind, honouring, self-led, vulnerable”

Liz Calvert – “Strong, wise, playful, integrity”

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Level 1 courses take place at various venues in Sheffield, in the heart of the beautiful Peak District, within easy reach of London (2 hours) and Manchester Airport (1 hour). Find out about Sheffield’s accommodation and facilities here.

About IFS certification

IFS certification ensures quality control in the practice of IFS by providing a way to recognise those who have demonstrated the capacity to safely and effectively use the model. You can read about the IFS Certification Policy here or contact us if you have any questions.

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